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The Blood Countess

It is such a struggle to stay young...

Countess Erzsébet (Elizabeth) Báthory
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Utterly obsessed with eternal youth and beauty, The Countess will do whatever she thinks is necessary to obtain it.

If you are young, female and healthy, she wants your blood.



Erzsébet, or Elizabeth as she is often called, was born in 1560 in Hungary, to a noble family. At age 11, she was betrothed to another Hungarian noble and warrior, Ferencz Nádasdy. They were eventually wed when Elizabeth was 15, and his wedding gift to her was their home of Castle Csejthe and its surrounding villages and agricultural lands.

While her husband was away on his many campaigns against the Turks, young Elizabeth quickly tired of her household chores and the day to day running of her home and lands. Boredom turned to obsession, as she vowed to find a way to maintain her youth and beauty forever. As a result, young girls from her villages taken into her service started to disappear.

At first, the missing were negligible; malnourished peasant girls who succumbed to disease were nothing new in the harsh landscape of Eastern Europe, even those who were employed in the castle. After Ferencz's death in 1604, however, things started to change. More and more girls went missing. Rumours spread that the Countess, desperate to retain her looks, bathed in the blood of her young maidens. Some even said she drank it.

Elizabeth became known as The Blood Countess and she ruled with an iron fist, and fear. Peasant families still sent their daughters to serve as maidens, as they were handsomely compensated in monies and prestige.

In 1609, a newly called Slayer found out too late that the rumours were true when she infiltrated the castle in a failed attempt to stop Countess Bathory once and for all.

A more detailed canon synopsis.

Excruciatingly beautiful. Dark eyes and hair. Perfect ivory skin. Approximately 5'4" and rather thin. By rights, she should be 49 years of age, but looks no older than 25 at most. Dresses impeccably and is almost always adorned with numerous jewels.

Canon notes:
While it is left ambiguous in canon as to whether or not Elizabeth is an actual vampire, the decision of the player is that she is not. No one as obsessed with beauty would allow herself to be so disfigured when in vampire form. She is merely a very disturbed, very wealthy woman. However, she does employ vampires as guards and has a sorceress on staff, so she is acutely aware of the supernatural and how to use it to her advantage.

If your character is a Watcher (or would have had access to the Watcher's Diaries) or a Slayer gifted with prophetic dreams, feel free to have them recognize the Countess.

This version of Elizabeth Bathory is from the anthology Tales of the Slayer Volume 1: die Blutgrafin by Yvonne Navarro and is copyright Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

Information on the actual Countess Bathory (and yes, there was one) can be found here.