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plotting your death

Earlier that afternoon, a girl had been chosen. She was a tall girl, blond and no more than fourteen years of age, and had once been quite strong. Now, after days of preparation, she was weak and gaunt. Ready.

Some hours later, Erzsébet made her way down to her most favoured place in Castle Csejthe – the dungeon she had had built especially for her specific tastes. As always, she was accompanied by her most trusted maids, Jó Ilona and Kateline, as well as a few guards, some vampire and some not.

Stepping into the room, she smiled a serene and satisfied smile. The sight never failed to please her. The girl had been bathed, stripped and strapped down to a table tilted at a slight angle, a table etched with grooves so the blood would flow to a spout at one corner and pool into a large bowl placed underneath. Two maidens who had not been selected remained chained to a far wall, also gagged, covered in bruises and bite marks, marks made by something far more mundane than a vampire.

The Countess walked to the side of the table and ran a jeweled hand along the young woman’s leg, eliciting terrified whimpers in response. “Shh, my pet. There is no need for that.” A gentle finger pressed briefly over the gagged mouth. “No one will help you.”

A quick nod to Jó Ilona later and Erzsébet had her usual hot pincers in hand. Quickly, she moved around the table, leaving patches where the flesh had been removed all along the girl’s body, allowing the first rivers of blood to run. The victim instinctively tried to thrash and scream in response to the torment, but it was to no avail.

There were no words of comfort as she leaned over the youth. Instead, she ran the sharp corner of one of her many rings across the girl’s forehead and then licked the away the blood that formed in a thin line along the cut. “Your youth and strength into me, little one.” She whispered. “What a service you do your country.”

Countess Báthory stood back for a moment and simply stared at her prey, her breath increasing ever so slightly, reveling in the immense pleasure of the situation. And then she handed the instrument back to her maid for re-heating, should she wish to use it again later. For the time being, she merely selected a chain flail and set to really get to work.

When it was over, Jó Ilona collected enough blood from the bowl into a goblet which she handed to her mistress. Erzsébet settled into a large chair that had been appropriately placed in the dungeon for this very reason, where she could survey her handiwork and enjoy the fruits of her labour. As always, she took her time; savoured every drop before finally giving a soft sigh of disappointment that yet another encounter was completed.

She strode to the door, stopping to rest a light hand on the shoulder of one of her guards. “You may have the rest. And the others as well.” She nodded to the two girls still chained. “They displease me.”

Jó Ilona and Kateline followed the Countess obediently and were given their final instructions once outside the dungeon. “When they have feasted, be certain to remove the heads before the bodies are disposed of. I want no chance of a surprise coming back, hmm?” The maids nodded demurely and stepped aside to wait, while Erzsébet began the long climb back to her room to rest.


bathed in blood

February 2007

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