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Canon synopsis/information

Tales of the Slayers Vol. 1: die Blutgrafin

Setting: Hungary, 1609

The current Slayer is fifteen year old Ildikó Gellért and her Watcher is seventy year old Kurt Rendor. They have known each other for three years, ever since he took her in as a gypsy runaway, though she only received her calling six months prior to the start of the story. They have a distant but respectful relationship, and the other villagers regard Ildikó as a distant niece of Rendor's. As a Slayer, she is inexperienced, young and lacks the innate ability to sense vampires before they attack.

Rendor's plan is to have Ildikó infiltrate Countess Bathory's castle as a serving girl in order to confirm (or deny) the rumours that the Countess is killing her maids at an alarming rate. They also wish to determine if she is in fact a vampire. Ildikó is rough around the edges, but with a crash-course in how to behave more like a lady, she is chosen by Bathory's favoured ladies-in-waiting - Kateline and Jó Ilona - along with five other village girls. Rendor, unable to accompany her, stays behind in the village.

Once at the castle, Ildikó is sent to work in the larder, performing more physically demanding tasks than other servants, as she was chosen by Jó Ilona for being strong and able to handle such tasks.

After a week, Ildikó finally decides to do some investigating at night as so far, she has been unable to even glimpse the Countess, let alone find any incriminating evidence against her. She is confronted by two guards, who turn out to be vampires, though she is caught unawares due to her inability to sense them beforehand. Battle ensues and although Ildikó defeats them both, she is forced to retreat as the sounds of the fight have roused other members of the household.

The next day, Kateline enlists Ildikó to help bury two "bundles", which the young Slayer immediately recognizes as bodies. After the task is complete, Jó Ilona is impressed by the girl's strength and decides to transfer her duties elsewhere, indicating that providing Ildikó can hold her tongue and play by the rules, she could rise in the ranks among the servants.

Ildikó seizes her chance and is taken down to the Countess' dungeon - and promptly realizes she just might be in over her head. She is locked inside and takes it upon herself to tend four other girls who have not only been badly beaten, but are chained against the wall, caring for their wounds and bringing them fresh water, all the while frustrated that she is unable to free them.

She then becomes distracted by the torture devices present, horrified by the number and varied amounts of implements. It is at this time that she finally encounters the Countess, along with her entourage, who tells Ildikó that she has been told of her strength and health. Food is brought in and the Slayer is instructed to feed the chained girls, and herself, and told by Bathory that she will return to release her soon. And then she is gone, leaving Ildikó alone again with the captives, even more frustrated that she was denied a chance to face the Countess due to being outnumbered.

Still, Ildikó does as she had been told, only to find that the food provided has been drugged and she falls unconscious. When she wakes up, she finds that she is restrained and that the Countess has in fact returned, so intrigued and impressed by the Slayer's health and vigour that she has decided that Ildikó has exactly the sort of blood she desires. Still alive, she is placed into the Countess' favoured Iron Maiden and dies slowly, but not before she is treated to the sight of Bathory drinking her blood from a goblet, and still uncertain if the Countess is a vampire or not.

Final notes: As stated, Rendor not only had to leave Ildikó to her own devices once she is taken off to the castle, but had no further contact with her. When she never returns, it would be logical for Rendor to deduce the series of events, which would no doubt have been recorded into his Watcher's Diary. Still, it would have been heavy speculation, as he would have no concrete proof that the Countess had killed Ildikó herself, as opposed to some other unfortunate occurrence.



Ildikó was the best story!

i love that slayer story but it could of been that Ildikó survived,when Bathory`s cousin raided the castle its reported they found a mysterious girl ALMOST dead in the iron maiden. i would of ended the story like that, or that her watcher accompanied the raid. Ildikó may of just thuoght she was dead because of her weak state.
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